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Lyri watercolour by clockwerkjos Lyri watercolour by clockwerkjos
this time its a test of a colour style. the idea is to have a desaturated BG that puts more focus on the characters. its still not entirely there, i think the BG needs to be a lot paler, almost suggested, less literal [just in terms of colour mind you, i want there to be line work]

her face came out really well though, one of my favorites so far

as with the jorah test, these watercolour pads are slightly bigger than my scanner so ive had to take a photo and try and correct it... so not 100% like the image
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scribblyblue Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Again, I can't believe how little attention these are getting; they should be getting far more than they are. This is my favourite style of all the ones you've tried because it has that lovely soft watercolour feel and also gives me the same feeling I get when I look at Ruas' work (not that I can describe what that is but there we go). I agree with you that the background should be much lighter because of how delicate the figures are you don't wan them getting drowned in everyone else. It'll also be easier to pick out what's going on considering the complexities of the story and all the characters. Also, I love the texturing on that tree, I can never manage to do that unless it's by accident. |:
clockwerkjos Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Professional Filmographer
oh and p.s.
to do the splooshy painty tree thing, make what ever you want REALLY wet, like, actually have a small puddle on, and then put your colour on it, then drop some water on top. and just sort of dab heavy pigments onto it, they flow out if your surface is super wet

[disclaimer: that tree was still kinda and accident...]
scribblyblue Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
[Words from Ruth: The tree looks good, you should keep it.]

I thought it had something to do with that, haha. Whenever I've tried to deliberately do it, it just doesn't do it, but if I haven't then it just happens. Oh well! I'll have a go next time I paint!
clockwerkjos Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Professional Filmographer
yay i'm glad you approve. i get a warm fuzzy feeling when i get compared to joao ruas, even if its only sort of. its also nice to know i have a 'JUSOILFUDLFHGUDHFG' style :p thanks

i need to get a good scan/photo of this cos the figure is much better in the original, teh darks are slightly punchier and the warms are slightly warmier. er. warmer.

it'd be nice if they got super noticed :p but then this is about average for my work... it needs a wolf riding a dragon fighting an anime naked lady on a cat in the background i think? the one of jorah has like 22 upvoteson imgur :p this one has 12 and 5 downvotes... sigh

i'm in the process of drawing up one where i'm going to try to get the desaturated washier background and slightly more punch in the values on the character
the background will be similar in tone and gradiant to the one on the digi-coloured style test of jorah probably
also im thinking of dropping in the foregroundiest elements in colour as well, like this: [link]
i'll keep you posted
scribblyblue Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Hahahaha, I can really imagine! I'm going to look at him for my summer project so I can somehow figure out what it is that gives me that feeling which I can't even describe. I sound so weird right now. BUT YEAH.

Aww, try taking a photo?

GO. ON. REDDIT. Like, really, some people are assholes, but I submitted my dog with eyebrows on there and it got so much attention, and illustrators have made fame through reddit. I really think you should give it a go, there're so many good drawing threads it would do well on.

Ahh, I like that, it's so pale and simplistic! I like very much! You should try it!
clockwerkjos Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Professional Filmographer
nah i know what you mean, his art is just. yeah.

i need to borrow a decent camera first D:

got any suggestions for threads to post on?
scribblyblue Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah, that's all there is to say.

I've been given a DSLR for the summer, I'd let you borrow that but you're sort of ages away, hah.

Uhm... The ones I'm subscribed to arrreeeee...

The illustration one is my favourite because it's exclusively for illustrators. There're probably loads more, just search key words in the search bar!
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